Smoke Signals Community Rules



There are only three real rules in the Smoke Signals Community.
Everything else is just a clarification of those rules.

1.  Be nice.
2.  Be honest.
3.  Have fun.

Most people will probably follow those rules as a matter of course, so everything will be fine. For those who need clarifications, here they are.


- Personal attacks (or worse) will not be tolerated, whether it's on the boards, in groups, in messages or anywhere else.

- The producers in the smoking fetish community live - or die - by selling their products. If they can't sell their products, they won't have the money to produce more - and that means that everyone will be without new videos or photos to enjoy. It therefore makes sense to be nice to producers. Do not share photos or videos from their members' area. Do not share any material from producers who have asked that their material be kept off the site. There are links to the "producer list" in many places in the Community - and if you're not sure, please ask. Violations will lead to suspensions or bans.  Sorry, but these are the folks who give us most of our "happy time" - and if we're not nice to them (by respecting their material), they won't be nice to us (by producing more).

- Producers will be members of our community. We will also have women in our community. Please respect them; harassment or other "bad behavior" will not be allowed.


- Honest people obey laws. Anything that is illegal (for our purposes, in the United States) has no place within our Community. There can be NO discussion or portrayal of any activities which are against the law. That includes certain subjects that are sexuality-related, substance-related, or age-related in nature. If you are unaware of U.S. laws, the legal age is 18 for just about everything except alcohol (the legal drinking age is 21).  Yes, this paragraph IS saying what you think it is saying - and it WILL be enforced. We appreciate your cooperation.

- Role-playing certainly has a long history in our community, and we understand the reasons for it. However, it does not belong in the Smoke Signals Community. One profile per person - and it should be your own profile. Creating alternate personas, or creating a "female" profile when you are male, will be grounds for terminating your account. We don't want people to have to be on their guard, wondering who they're communicating with, when they're in the Community.

- Being honest does not require total disclosure. We understand and support some people's desire for privacy, even anonymity. We're not asking you to divulge anything you'd rather not divulge in your profile or in your interactions on the site. Our only concern is that everyone plays fair; anonymity doesn't mean fake information, and it also doesn't give anyone else the right to pry into your affairs.


- We hope this one doesn't need any explanation. Enjoy - and if you have suggestions, questions, complaints or comments, please let us hear them.



Please note that we are not responsible for the content of files being shared on the Community, but please immediately report any file containing a virus, trojan, or any type of malware; or if it violates copyright infringement laws or the stipulations on our Producer's List.

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