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What's New - 11/15/23
- 11/15/2023 - Comment: 0

Joy A. sparkles in two new shoots for us in the photo and video galleries. One is a very playful glam scene with a VS 120, the other is a casual scene with Marlboro 100s in the dressing room where she's figuring out what to do with her hair, accessories and makeup for the evening. Joy shows us amazing cheek-hollowing drags, thick french inhales and exaggerated snaps, mouth and nose exhales, double and triple pumps, and perfect smoke rings throughout.
- 11/15/2023 - Comment: 2

532 new photos and 14 minutes of new video added this week. We update on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of every month - and as always, with all exclusive content!
What's New - 11/1/23
- 11/01/2023 - Comment: 0

Pretty, self-possessed Kyra is back for several new casual shoots in the photo and video galleries, enjoying corks and showing her natural open-mouth, snap, and french inhales and slow exhales in these sedate scenes.
What's New - 9/15/23
- 09/15/2023 - Comment: 0

Joy A. is back in two sensational glam shoots for the photo and video galleries. First she shows off her flirty side smoking VS 120s, and then applies makeup in the dressing room while enjoying Marlboro 100s; throughout, though, she shows her unparalleled style with deep drags, mouth and nose exhales, dangles, french and open-mouth inhales, dangles, exaggerated snaps, and series of huge smoke rings. Stunning.
What's New - 9/1/23
- 09/01/2023 - Comment: 0

In this week's photo and video galleries, adorable Angel chains Marlboro 100s for us in a fabulous closeup shoot, showing deep inhales, cone, mouth/nose, and residual exhales, dangles, snaps and lots of french inhales. Then Stefanie A. is in lingerie, enjoying a cork on the couch with straightforward and seductive style (plus a few natural snap inhales).
What's New - 8/15/23
- 08/15/2023 - Comment: 0

Charli chains and destroys two corks in this photo and video gallery glamour shoot, as she shows huge drags, snaps, right-at-you mouth and mouth/nose exhales, and dangles. She also talks about clothes, boots, and blowing smoke rings through a donut hole.

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