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What's New - 11/15/18
- 11/15/2018 - Comment: 0

First, we have casual shoots in the photo galleries with Ellie A. smoking cork 100s, showing off her mouth and nose exhales, snaps and frenches, dangles and right-at-you exhales - what else do you need to know? Then Eva reads a magazine in a casual/glam shoot, showing mouth and nose exhales, smoke rings and small snaps. In two sedate shoots for the video gallery, Charli smokes a Marlboro 100 and a VS 120; at times she puts on glasses or applies lip gloss, but throughout she shows off her amazing snaps, frenches, mouth and nose exhales, dangles and smoke rings. We also hear about a smoking girlfriend she remembers fondly.
What's New - 11/8/18
- 11/08/2018 - Comment: 0

In the photo galleries, Menda and Milana are two cute friends who are a little nervous for their first shoot, but they manage some nice smoking with good drags, mouth exhales, french inhales and dangles. We can't wait until they get more comfortable. In the photo and video galleries, Ellie A.'s at the beach - and thankfully she remembered to bring her cigarettes with her as she climbed onto a rock to enjoy the sun and the view. She enjoys a cork 100 with dangles, deep inhales, mouth and nose exhales while getting some sun and earning some admiring glances. And also in the video gallery, blonde girl-next-door Charnay is hanging out in a casual and playful shoot, enjoying her cork 100 on the couch before she slips down onto the floor to get more comfortable. Her drags are deep and her mouth exhales are luscious; there are a few nice dangles, too.
What's New - 11/1/18
- 11/01/2018 - Comment: 0

In two sedate shoots in the photo galleries, Charli smokes a Marlboro 100 and a VS 120; at times she puts on glasses or applies lip gloss, but throughout she shows off her amazing snaps, frenches, mouth and nose exhales, dangles and smoke rings. Impressive. And in both the photo and video galleries, Susan B.'s in her jammies and having a few cigarettes before bed. She drags deeply on her corks, with mouth, nose and her always-delicious french inhales.
What's New - 10/15/18
- 10/15/2018 - Comment: 0

In three fabulous shoots in the photo and video galleries, Charli enjoys cork 100s and Marlboro Lights 100s while relaxing in a summery dress, reading, and surfing her phone. And in all three, we see an amazing assortment of huge drags, big snaps, thick mouth and nose exhales, plus dangles and tantalizing right-at-you shots. She also (of course!) chats non-stop with the cameraman; among the subjects: getting friends started. And also in the photo galleries, Joy returns in a casual shoot, to show off her huge, exaggerated snap inhales and smoke rings, as she enjoys a cork 100 in the dressing room.
What's New - 9/15/18
- 09/15/2018 - Comment: 0

It's Newport 100s and a glamorous look for Susan B. in the photo galleries this time around, as she shows off her french inhales and mouth exhales while dressed in a little black dress and faux fur. Then redheaded Andrea is smoking a series of all-whites with big inhales, slight snaps and thick mouth, nose and mouth/nose exhales - and she loves the fact that you're watching. She slips out of her dress to tease herself and masturbate in two different positions, keeping eye contact with you the entire time. In the video galleries, Kim B. shines in two glam shoots with deep drags on her cork 100s, with great snaps and mouth/nose exhales, and terrific hands-free smoking as she puts on her mascara. And then in a short archive shoot, cute Katie RS shows why she became one of Random Snaps' most popular models ever. We see her exceptional style demonstrated with huge drags and double pumps, mouth and mouth/nose exhales, snaps and frenches, and hands-free smoking - all while looking adorable in braids and a Hello Kitty t-shirt.
What's New - 9/8/18
- 09/08/2018 - Comment: 0

In two great shoots in the photo galleries, Charli shows off everything you could ever want to see. First, she enjoys a cork in the dressing room as she checks out her makeup and her hair; then, she's in a leather jacket chaining Marlboro 100s. We see fabulous mouth and nose exhales, snaps and frenches, hands-free smoking and smoke rings in these virtuoso sessions. Then in a beautiful archive shoot featured in both the photo galleries and video gallery, Lyn enjoys a VS 120 in rapid-fire style, with deep inhales and thick, long cone exhales.

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