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Women Smoking Mores :-)

Posted by Tobacco Valley Kid , Dec 26,2004,10:22 Post Reply    Forum

Mores arer certainly a distinctive brand. I remember their ad campaigns from the late 70's and early 80's. It was one of my favorites. However, I've rarely seen women smoke them in real life. In fact only three More smokers stand out in my mind.

1.) There was a girl a couple of classes behind me in high school. I think that she mainly smoked Marlboros. But I did see her light up a light brown More 100 once.

2.) In my late teens, I worked in a supermarket. There was a 35ish blonde with a ponytail that used to shop there. When she finished shopping, she would often sit by the sliding doors and smoke a More Menthol. I'd try to make a point of being up near the front of the store to witness that. I distinctly remember here exhales. She'd exhole through her nostrils and the exhales would be rather thin. I'm not sure if that was because she wasn't inhaling much smoke, or she was just holding alot of it in; like a potsmoker.

3.) A few years ago I stumbled into a strip bar about 40 miles away over the state line called the Magic Lantern. There was a lady who managed it who looked sort of like a blonde verion of Annie Lennox. She wasn't a chain smoker, but it seemed like she would light up every 20 minutes or so. She usually smoked either More Menthols or Newport 100s. I'd go their occasionally to watch her, NOT the dancers. I asked her about it. She said that she really dug the Mores, but often ran out and would have to get Newports from the vending machine. The Newports were a little stronger than she preferred, but she'd still smoke them. SHe must have been close to a three pack a day smoker.

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