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06 March 2010
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This clip is a compilation of short excerpts from Up In Smoke (UIS) 135 Kari & Chaz The Moll & The Gypsy 1997 VHS 1 Hr. 6 Min. It appears to be created from a tape source through an analogue to digital conversion device, and was posted to YT about a year ago. The capture and editing are NOT mine; I've included everything that was uploaded to YT, but split the clip into six stand alone files to conform to community video file size limitations. Unfortunately, has been out of business for a number of years now, but this was one of the first SF videos I ever purchased after going online at home for the first time in July of 2000. Years ago, before the site closed, I emailed the owner to inquire about whether Kari appears in any other UIS releases, or whether she ever did any other modeling or SF work, and I was told that this is her one and only appearance in the UIS catalogue, and that, to the best of his knowledge, this is her one and only modeling gig. The premise of this video is a study in contrasts. The first half with Kari (The Moll), is a thinly veiled reference to a Virginia Slims advertising shoot (hence the intermittent camera flashes going off), and the second half with Chaz (The Gypsy) features a model acting drunk and smoking on a couch while she strips and talks to you as if you picked her up in a bar for a one night stand. (The second half is totally unappealing, at least to my tastes...) However, the roughly 35 minutes with Kari is simply the best SF video I've EVER seen, and this brief edit simply does not do it justice, but at least it's something if you haven't seen it. The video is far from perfect from a technical point of view. It was shot with a low res analogue camera, the focus drops in and out periodically, the frame is a little shaky, there are endless wandering zooms, the white balance is a little off, and the ambient soundtrack is unfortunately dominated by songs from Billy Joel's Storm Front album. (Not quite my cup of tea...) There is a little dialogue with Kari here and there, however, and near the beginning she has a staged phone call with the producer in which she discusses recently starting to smoke so that she could do this shoot about fashion and cigarettes, although it's obvious that she is a veteran smoker from her smoky voice and her deep, long drags and inhales. She devours her Virginia Slims 120s and gets a deliciously thick amount of smoke out of every one. Kari models a variety of sexy outfits (there's no nudity), and dances throughout her half of the tape while constantly smoking. Aside from her super long claw nails (which was a standard feature of UIS costuming), she could easily be a Virginia Slims model, and to me, she is one of the most beautiful and sexy women I've ever seen. I've seen a lot of SF models over the years, and have quite a few tapes and DVDs in my collection, but all technical and production detractors aside, this is still my favorite SF footage, because of Kari. :)


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