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A Few Quick Thoughts


A Few Quick Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts in a busy month that's made it feel like we're suffering from late-onset ADD and prevented us from stringing more than a coherent thought or two together:

Is the smoking fetish community starting to react to what we can best describe as "oversupply?" More than one person has remarked to us lately that they aren't getting the same enjoyment they used to from watching "just" an attractive young woman smoke - and that's sent them in search of more unusual material. One mentioned girls smoking hookahs and pipes, another mentioned scenes with multiples, and a third mentioned "fake taboo" (alleged smoking incest clips making the rounds on Clips4Sale) as the primary types of video that can get them going these days. And that's on top of the neverending interest in finding under-18 smoking clips that nearly destroyed one popular message board. This all naturally led us to wonder whether a growing disinterest in mainstream smoking video is a more widespread phenomemon that we had guessed - and if so, what is causing it. If indeed this is a real change in people's interests and not just a coincidence that we've come across, the only cause we can think of is overexposure. There are so many mainstream smoking fetish videos that have been released since the mid-90s which live on through producer sites and now through tubes, torrents and sharing sites - have people simply grown weary of the genre due to the enormous amount of video already available? Admittedly, almost all producers use the same basic sets which certainly lends a feeling of "sameness" to new video, no matter how beautiful or accomplished a model may be. But it seems odd that an entire group of fetishists can "morph" over a period of a few years into a group in need of extreme material. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

On a somewhat related note, we notice that in addition to a huge decline in smoking story submissions to Smoke Signals has been mirrored by a lack of new stories at Loring's Smoking Stories site. We again have to wonder if it reflects a dropoff of interest in more mainstream smoking fetish outlets, a "dumbing down" of our community in terms of interest in this sort of material (it's hard for tweeps to tell a smoking story in 140 characters) or again, just another coincidence. Maybe we're just too wedded to the written word to understand it - after all, we still read magazines and the occasional newspaper here. Thankfully, we still have Vesperae on staff :)

And on a totally unrelated note, we're pleased to tell you that the Smoking Erotica catalog is returning to Smoking Flicks for streaming or download. We're in the process of re-adding all of their older material, and will have new SE videos coming in the near future as well. We don't know whether Smoking Models will also be returning, but we're hopeful.

Enjoy the May-June issue!

What Makes A Good Smoking Model?


What Makes A Good Smoking Model?

We've had many people ask us what criteria we use to select the smoking models we feature on our sites. And so we thought this might be as good a time as any to answer the questions for everyone to see.

First and foremost, of course, the model has to be a real-life smoker and has to inhale. We're sure you've seen "smoking models" (to put it kindly) who've appeared on porn sites - many of them don't inhale, and even if they do inhale in real life, they often just let the smoke waft out of their mouth for the camera, with what they (or the producer) think is a sexy look. Some people may indeed find it sexy. We find it a waste of a model and a waste of good smoke. On rare occasions, we've used video of models who only inhale lightly, primarily because there's something else in the scene that makes it worthwhile in our eyes. For example, a video we're posting on Smoking Flicks later this week features porn star Angelina Mylee, who has a "light" smoking style. But she's performing smoky oral sex while her real-life mother watches approvingly and smokes in the background - a hot scenario we've never seen filmed by anyone before, and something we found interesting enough to use despite Angelina's shallow inhales. But IRL smoking is the number one requirement we try to enforce for our shoots.

Secondly, the model should enjoy what she's doing. That doesn't mean she has to be perky and bubbly about her smoking, but it does mean she shouldn't look like she's doing something distasteful to her. Not every model smiles when she's doing a shoot of any sort. But if our models smile and let you know they're enjoying their cigarettes, it's definitely a plus. Naturally, you won't hear our models saying they "only smoke because they're addicted." But we want the viewers to know, just by watching, that the models smoke because they enjoy it.

That brings us to our third and most-misunderstood criterion: accomplished smoking. We're always delighted when we have a model who is adept at smoking, and is able to do at least some of the "tricks," as many call techniques like french inhaling or open-mouth inhaling. But contrary to some people's view, we don't make it a requirement. We're not fans of models who look awkward while trying to show off what they can do; for example, we don't want them to "try" to french inhale or make smoke rings and then shake their heads after looking somewhat foolish. What we're after is someone who looks totally natural while doing a snap or french inhale - someone who can toss off a few smoke rings without a second thought - someone whose nose exhales are thick and natural. And just as impressive to us is a model who doesn't do the "tricks," but takes power drags, double drags, shows effortless talking exhales, or in other ways shows her "dominance" over her cigarette. For want of a better way to explain it, the smoke doesn't control her, she controls the smoke.

Finally, there are a few other factors that never show on the finished product, but we look for models who are easy to work with, and who don't find the smoking fetish "weird" (as we've heard from a number of prospective models). We find that leads to more relaxed, enjoyable and productive shoots.

We hope that answers some of the questions we've gotten - and gives you an idea of how we choose models for inclusion. It may sound simplistic. But when you've seen dozens and dozens of models who claim to be real life heavy smokers, claim to love smoking and claim to be good at it - and then find that they don't even inhale (or even vomit after trying to smoke two cigarettes in a row) - the process of screening and selecting models is a lot trickier than you might think.

Enjoy the March-April issue!

Are Peoples' Lungs Different Today?


Are Peoples' Lungs Different Today?
SMOKE SIGNALS MAGAZINE - January - February 2013

A question popped into our minds recently, as we were watching a few old movies from the 1940s on TV.

As is often the case, smoking was ubiquitous in the movies, with everyone lighting up regularly, no matter where they were, no matter what the circumstances.

The female smoking was, of course, oustanding; style was paramount, particularly in social settings. French inhales, snaps, nose exhales, residual exhales were commonplace. But that's the subject for another lament.

What really hit us, though, was the way that everyone, men and women, young and old, were taking cheek-hollowing drags on their powerful, unfiltered cigarettes - almost non-stop. And that's what got us thinking.

What is it about smokers in the 2000s, that sees most of them taking shallow inhales on light or ultra-light cigarettes, yet often only able to handle a few cigarettes a day?

We understand that the amount people smoke, particularly these days, is often constrained by the price of cigarettes and the difficulty of smoking in public. Even so, it seems that the modern day smoker's ability to "handle smoke" is far from what it used to be.

We see it regularly in filming models, who often complain about being asked to smoke full-flavored cigarettes, who more often than not can't even smoke two cigarettes without a break, and who complain about being "smoked out" when a session isn't even halfway over.

We also see the flip side of it, when members of the community lionize women who chain smoke on camera. It used to be, not so long ago, that chain smoking was almost "required behavior" in social situations. Today, fetishists rhapsodize about women who are able to chain into a second cigarette, and pledge undying love if someone smokes three in a row.

There's no question that regulations and cigarette prices have changed smokers' behavior, and there are therefore sociological reasons why people smoke less than they used to. That has no doubt made it harder for people to chain smoke.

But in watching women devour the smoke form their unfiltered cigarettes in old movies, we also have to wonder if there's been some sort of physiological change as well - making today's lungs less able to tolerate large volumes of smoke. Air pollution, perhaps? A greater prevalence of allergies, weakening lung capacity? More additives in the smoke lowering the lungs' ability to handle even light or ultra-light cigarette smoke? Fear?

There may be some elements of this discussion better suited for Vesperae's analysis - she's better at providing answers. We're better at asking questions. And this one is stuck in our minds, at least this month.

Whatever the explanation - it's certainly a shame from our perspective.

Happy New Year - and enjoy the January-February issue!

Sometimes, We Hate Being Right


Sometimes, We Hate Being Right
SMOKE SIGNALS MAGAZINE - November - December 2012

We were recently making our rounds of various smoking fetish messageboards, sites and other gathering spots. We do it for several reasons. Of course, because in addition to publishing Smoke Signals, we're into the fetish as much as anyone else. We also want to know what people are talking about. And lastly, we have the annoying and difficult task of issuing requests to have our copyrighted material removed from file-sharing sites and the like.

This time, though, we were struck by something.

For many years, we've been preaching (some might say we've been railing) against the increasing amount of "sharing" - some, including us, would call it "stealing" - of videos that have been produced at great expense by smoking fetish companies. We've warned (some might say we've lectured) about what we thought would eventually happen, if people continued to simply *take* material from others, instead of purchasing it themselves.

Our prediction was simple: if people stopped buying, there would be less and less incentive for producers to continue making new material. Many producers would go out of business, and others would make a lot fewer videos - meaning there would be a drastic drop in the amount of new smoking fetish material available. And of the new material produced, much would be from people with smaller budgets or no experience, meaning it would be lower in quality. As you all know, the prediction about producers going out of business or producing much less material has certainly come true. But what about the rest?

Back to our recent observations on the boards. We found, to a huge extent:
1. People were largely trading old material back and forth, or posting free material readily available on sites like YouTube.
2. People were requesting old material that they'd heard about or seen at some point in the past.
3. People were complaining about the lack of new material being shot, or about the quality of new material.
4. People were still making excuses about why they wouldn't buy from established producers. There were a few exceptions, of course, but that's a pretty good summary of the bulk of the posts we read.

So, it seems to us, we weren't selling doom and gloom all those years ago when we made our predictions. We were, sadly, pretty much on the money. And we take no joy in that.

Enjoy the November-December issue!

The Mind Works in Strange Ways


The Mind Works in Strange Ways
SMOKE SIGNALS MAGAZINE - September - October 2012

If you're like us, much of your "fetish satisfaction" follows a familiar path, at least day-to-day. You may visit your "regular" membership sites, you may surf the web looking for new material, you may watch your favorite DVDs, clips or those well-preserved videotapes you've had for years. You may read stories, you may relive special memories, you may still (although it's awfully difficult now) go out looking for real-life sightings, or you may (if you're fortunate) indulge with a smoking partner.

But every so often, something happens that is totally unexpected - and it may just remind you that there are fetish triggers deep in your memory about which you'd completely forgotten. One such occurrence happened a few weeks ago to us. It started with a quick email from Vesperae, pointing us to a Daily Motion video. Without giving it much thought, we clicked on the link - and were almost immediately transported to a fetish wonderland we hadn't even remembered.

The link to was a music video: "I Feel the Magic" by Belinda Carlisle. It's certainly not from one of our favorite musical genres; we don't even remember the music itself. But even so, we were immediately transported back to the mid-80s. That's because once upon a time, we were just walking by the TV and caught a brief glimpse of the video on MTV (or perhaps VH1) - in which a very cute Belinda was singing while holding a smouldering cigarette.

At the time, we were with someone who had no idea of our smoking fetish, and couldn't stop walking and talking, let alone stare at the screen to watch the entire video. We had no idea what song it was or what album it came from - and of course, there was no internet on which to search in a more private moment. Later on, however, we did spend hours and hours scanning MTV and VH1 hoping to see the video again. We never did, despite several years of a "Holy Grail" type of search. Did Belinda hold the cigarette for the entire video? Did she inhale? Did she, even better, ever exhale a thick cloud of smoke in the video? We had no idea.

We weren't exactly fixated on finding the video again - but for quite a while, the video search was something we never gave up. It just because less and less important as we entered the age of online chat rooms, smoking video and everything that followed. And eventually, we forgot about the Belinda Carlisle video. Until a few weeks ago. The excitement, the anticipation - it was almost as if we were back in the late 1980s, watching with baited breath just hoping to see something magical.

It was, as most things unfortunately are, anticlimactic. She only held the cigarette for brief moments scattered throughout the video, and never inhaled, let alone exhaled. But the excitement of actually "finding" a fetish grail, and watching it, transported us back to a time when we weren't quite as jaded, nor quite as overloaded with smoking fetish video filmed in perfect light with exceptional smokers. It was, in a word exciting.

And it led us to wonder in amazement at how the mind works. We didn't just remember that we had seen the few seconds of the video; we didn't just remember that we had tried in vain to find the rest of it; we didn't just recall the sense of excitement we had at the time. We immediately felt the same feelings, emotion, anticipation and excitement we had felt 25 years ago, as if no time had passed at all.

And it led us to wonder: is the fetish that strong - or it simply that the mind is that amazing?

If you're interested in seeing the video, you can find it here.

And enjoy the September-October issue!

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