Smoke Like a Lady

We recently saw an article that caught our attention: a company called "Skinnygirl Cocktails" is launching a new ad campaign for their new products: Skinnygirl Vodka with Natural Flavors, Skinnygirl The Wine Collection and new ready-to-serve cocktails. The ad campaign includes TV commercials that will run on Bravo, HGTV, Food Network and E! as well as print.

The theme of the campaign might interest readers of this space: "Drink Like a Lady."

The company says that “Skinnygirl consumers are smart, savvy and successful ladies who are leaders — not followers — and they connect with Skinnygirl because it’s a brand that continues to blaze new trails and is solutions-driven. This campaign has been created exclusively with these women and their social circles in mind.” And the ad agency says that "the campaign celebrates women making their own rules, as they enjoy each other’s company and 'Drink Like a Lady.'"

Can you imagine the possibilities if the anti-smoking forces hadn't been so successful in demonizing smokers over the last couple of decades? Just substitute the word "smoke" for the word "drink."

Virginia Slims, anyone?

What makes this story even more frustrating, is that one of the biggest electronic cigarette companies in America is preparing to launch a new product line in July: Vapor Couture. The "fashionable" e-cigs are slim, come in designer colors and patterns, and even come with a clutch purse to accomodate the batteries, cartridges and chargers.

These campaigns are obviously based on extensive market research, which says to us that a "new" Virginia Slims campaign would be an enormous success - had the anti-smoking lobby not demonized cigarette smoking to the point of near-extinction. (The continuing success of hookah lounges, and the recent statistics showing that more young people smoke pot than cigarettes, makes us believe that it's not smoking itself that is viewed as evil - it's just cigarette smoking.)

Designer E-smoking, and "feminine drinking" as lifestyle and fashion statements, have convinced us more than ever that the golden age of smoking could well still be with us, if it weren't for outside forces. What a shame.

Enjoy the July-August issue!

6/22: New this week at Smoke Signals Online

This week at Smoke Signals Online, the net’s premier smoking fetish site, we’ve added 410 new photos and 14 minutes of smoking fetish video.

In the photo galleries, Sara P. does her hair and makeup, showing all of her accomplished style with frenches, snaps, smoke rings, mouth, nose and mouth/nose exhales. And in the high-res galleries, Janey
has a cool look, smoking in thigh-high boots in natural light.

In the video galleries, Stella and Adarra are topless, smoking multiples together with great snaps and cone exhales (plus a few nose exhales and frenches) as they chat. Then Stella starts in sheer lingerie, then drops her top to play with her boobs and reaches under the lingerie to work her pussy as she smokes all-whites.

You can see sample clips here and here.

And you can see free previews from all of our sites here. Come join us!

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